Rats That Eat Men

Project Description

Ritah, a gay Ugandan asylum seeker, is forced to flee her marriage of convenience and must squat as she struggles to survive in London with only a knife for protection.

She meets Alojzy, a Polish laborer, also squatting in the desolated freezing house.
A short film written by Isobel Mascarenhas-Whitman and produced by Image Fiction Films and Typeone.

Typeone also worked on the music, sound and graphic design for the film.
“Anna-Maria Nabirye’s measured and intriguing performance as Ritah brings a depth to her character that resonates beneath the subtle writing, Joseph Olivennes’ quiet humour gives Alojzy an honesty that is disarming.”Diva Magazine

Project Details

Client: Image Fiction Films

Tags: Sound, Video

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