Aphex Twin – T69 Collapse Album Launch

Project Description

To celebrate the release of the new Aphex Twin Collapse EP, renowned agency Brotherhood Media commissioned Bluman Associates to create an interactive Guerilla projection experience, based on the music video directed by Weird Core.

The team created the unique visuals by taking assets from the Collapse music video and manipulating them in Notch. The audio was generated using MAX/MSP, and was based on selected sound bites from the EP. Typeone were responsible for the interactive audio and we also wrote the track used in the video.

The team projected in 4 unique locations around London including Shoreditch, Covent Garden, Waterloo and China Town. To create the experience, the team installed a 30k projector, PA, disguise gx1 media server and control in the back of a van, which was driven and set up at each venue – with the plinths being the only piece of equipment that had to be set up for the audience to use.

The team managed to project at each location for an hour undetected by the authorities. The activation was a success in all four locations, with lots of audience participation. The ‘pop up projections’ were a great way to celebrate and promote the new EP, and an authentic representation of the individual, underground style of Aphex Twin. You watch the full video.

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